Gar’Haden Family Crypt has been updated

Our first free one-page dungeon, The Gar’Haden Family Crypt, has been updated.

What’s changed:

  • Changed the module to fit the new layout created for Tower of the Elreli.  This means it’s now in a format that allows it to either be printed as a single-page landscape, or double sided and folded in half to create a small booklet with cover.
  • The additional space gained with the new layout allowed me room to add treasure to the dungeon.

Click here to download your free copy!

For those new to this free module:

The Gar’Haden Family Crypt is a one-page Swords and Wizardry mini-dungeon for 4-6 characters of levels 1-3.  It is designed to fit into any campaign or adventure, but can also be used to expand Area 4 in SC1: The Shrine of Sruukor.

In this one-page dungeon module, you’ll find:

  • A short dungeon adventure with 10 locations.
  • Expanded details for Area 4 in The Shrine of Sruukor with a brief background on the crypt.


Hello, my name is Steve Gilman. By day, I am a Systems Administrator/Release Engineer. In my spare time, I enjoy writing role-playing game adventures and supplements. I have been playing role-playing games since the early 90's. I'm a big fan of old-school games, particularly Swords and Wizardry with house rules cherry-picked from a variety of other compatible systems. For my crunchier games, I also enjoy Pathfinder.