Heroes of the Sundered Chronicles Open Playtest

Welcome to the Heroes of the Sundered Chronicles Open Playtest!

We’re looking for feedback on the following topics, but welcome anything you’d like to report, even if it’s not on this list!

  • Play reports. What rules don’t work for your group and why.  What rules worked well.
  • The Skill system.
  • Races and Classes.
  • Any typos, grammar mistakes, and layout issues. This playtest release hasn’t gone through our full editing cycle and the layout isn’t final, but we’d love to hear any issues you notice!


Heroes of the Sundered Chronicles RPG – Playtest Release 1

This PDF is Release 1 of the open playtest, and includes Chapters 1 through 6.  This covers all player information, but excludes Referee chapters.

Click here to download
(PDF, 103 pages, 16 MB)