Finishing up Pathfinder edition of The Shrine of Sruukor

Just sent off the (hopefully) final draft “Release Candidate” of the Pathfinder edition of The Shrine of Sruukor to my editor.  Hoping to put it up on DriveThruRPG for download this weekend.  Just like the Swords and Wizardry version, this version with be Pay What You Want.

Finished up a little earlier than I expected, and am still working on tonight’s can of Monster, soooooo I guess I’ll get started working on the next project!  Current title is “Betrayal at Lucir” and it takes place not too far from Rockcrest.


Hello, my name is Steve Gilman. By day, I am a Systems Administrator/Release Engineer. In my spare time, I enjoy writing role-playing game adventures and supplements. I have been playing role-playing games since the early 90's. I'm a big fan of old-school games, particularly Swords and Wizardry with house rules cherry-picked from a variety of other compatible systems. For my crunchier games, I also enjoy Pathfinder.